Replacement Theology

CJCUC & The Orthodox Rabbis Statement on Christianity

Last month, CJCUC published on its website, a groundbreaking statement on Christianity by Orthodox rabbis. Most reactions to the statement were positive and welcoming, yet some agenda-driven persons have distorted the meaning of our statement to advance their agenda. Breaking

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Riskin: CUFI Convention is a Historic Revolution

In an interview with Israel Hayom, a major daily publication in the Holy Land, Rabbi Riskin considered Christians United for Israel Washington Summit in July as a religious and historic revolution in Christianity’s support for the Jewish people. “They are friends.

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Benedict’s ‘Jesus’ and the Jews

The second volume of Pope Benedict XVI’s “Jesus of Nazareth” has already created a splash. Even before the book’s release, numerous Jewish leaders lavished effusive praise on Benedict for the volume’s exculpation of the Jews in Jesus’ crucifixion. But is

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