CJCUC Congratulates Pope Francis on Assuming Leadership of Catholic Church

The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation in Israel congratulates Pope Frances on assuming the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. We wish him great success in guiding the Catholic faithful and continuing the great work of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI to strengthen the friendship between the Church and the Jewish People that began at the Second Vatican Council.
“At a time when the entire human family desperately needs to recommit itself to fundamental moral values for humanity to flourish, we pray that the Church and Pope Francis will be successful in teaching the world the truths of Judeo-Christian ethics and the intrinsic value of the human person created in God’s Image,” said R. Shlomo Riskin, founder and Chancellor of CJCUC.
All of us at CJCUC look forward to continued cooperation with the Vatican and Catholics everywhere to teach mutual understanding between Catholics and Jews and to defend religious tolerance and freedom for all.
Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin, Chancellor, CJCUC
Mr. David Nekrutman, Executive Director, CJCUC
Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn, North American Director, CJCUC
Rabbi Dr. Angel Kreiman-Brill, Latin American Director, CJCUC


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