CJCUC Endorses JerusalemOnlineU.com High School Israel Education Program

Charleston, South Carolina – A recent event that brought the Jewish and Christian communities together in support of Israel showcased the hit film, Israel Inside: How A Small Nation Makes A Big Difference. Narrated by best selling author and acclaimed former Harvard lecturer, Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, this groundbreaking film tells the story of the Israeli people, whose resilience has propelled the country to the forefront of world innovation and progress.
Hyman’s Seafood owner, Eli Hyman said, “The only image of Israel that most Americans have is through the negative images of the media.” He added, “Israel is more than a 30 second sound bite. This film shows the positive spirit of the Israeli people, despite the challenges surrounding the country.”
The featured speaker of the event was David Nekrutman, Executive Director of the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) in Israel. Nekrutman was in the United States promoting the Goodwill Ambassador Initiative (GAI), a project created by CJCUC Founder Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Earl Cox of Israel Always, which bring clergy to the Holy Land in order to learn the fundamentals of Jewish-Christian relations.
“Supporting Israel is not just a Jewish responsibility; it is a biblical mandate,” Nekrutman remarked. He added, “We are witnessing a God moment where Christians are receiving a spiritual download to support the Jewish people, Israel, and projects like the GAI and JerusalemOnlineU.com (the producers of Israel Inside) that help to break down the barriers in order to understand the land and its people.”
CJCUC plans to promote the JerusalemOnlineU.com High School Israel Educational Program to ministries and Christian high schools throughout the United States. The curriculum includes 30 lesson plans, films, handouts, activities, and quizzes. “It is my wish for youth in their formative years to establish a relationship with Israel through a biblical paradigm and understand the complexities of this nation,” Nekrutman remarked. CJCUC and JerusalemOnlineU.com are also in talks about creating a standardized test on the curriculum, where Christian high school students receiving a certain mark would be eligible for a full subsidy to come to Israel for one week.
FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact CJCUC’s media division at [email protected] or 516-882-3220.


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