CJCUC Expands Its Biblical Sessions in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – To accommodate the growing requests of Christian groups visiting Israel to learn the Hebrew Scriptures with Orthodox Jewish rabbis, The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) in Efrat announced the opening of its new venue in Jerusalem. “M. Pomeranz Bookseller has afforded us the opportunity to enhance our relationship with the Christian world in the heart of Jerusalem,” CJCUC’s Executive Director David Nekrutman said.
The popular landmark M. Pomeranz Bookseller is conveniently located near the Old City, just across from the renowned Hillel Street. “This new location gives the prospect for tour groups on a tight schedule to engage in fruitful dialogue with Jews in the midst of a biblical haven of holy Jewish books,” remarked Nekrutman. He added that CJCUC is the first Orthodox Jewish organization to promote religious dialogue with the Christian world and is an oasis where both Christian laity and scholars can feel comfortable expressing their own beliefs while discussing the commonalities between both faith communities.
CJCUC opened its facility in Efrat in 2008 under the leadership of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin. Since then, it has completed a retreat center with 23 rooms for lodging, conference area and classrooms. Thousands of Christians each year come to Efrat to learn the Hebrew bible with rabbis and orthodox Jewish scholars. In addition, staff members and lecturers of CJCUC have been hosted by visiting Christian groups at their local hotels in the Galilee and Jerusalem to learn scriptural topics such as the Biblical History of Jerusalem, Prayer, 10 Commandments, Prophecy, the Sacred Calendar, and other subjects.
Groups wishing to schedule sessions with CJCUC should contact Limor Riskin at [email protected] or call 516-882-3220 (U.S.); 972-50-634-0250 (Israel).


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