Thousands Celebrate Israel in Seoul, Korea

Standing Towards Jerusalem - Thousands Pray for the Peace of Israel
Standing Towards Jerusalem – Thousands Pray for the Peace of Israel

The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation’s (CJCUC) Executive Director, David Nekrutman, addressed thousands of Korean Christians celebrating Israel in front of Seoul City Hall last Tuesday. “People like you and others who have personally touched my life have shown me a world where Christians are indeed our ‘Watchmen on the Wall,’” Nekrutman said. He added, “The people of Israel appreciate your support. It is the reason why I stand here today in fellowship with you.”
This was the first event held by Korean Christians to demonstrate their support for Israel at an official governmental site in the nation’s capital. Coordinated by a coalition of Christian organizations and churches called the Wind of Yeshua, event participants committed “to consistently pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that Israel’s capital will not be divided by others.” A Proclamation for the Peace of Israel and Nations was read asserting that “God entrusted the stewardship of the land of Israel to the Jewish people…and we stand along with both Jewish and Palestinian people to pursue true peace.”
For a majority of attendees, this was the first time meeting and interacting with an orthodox Jew from Israel. Of the nearly 49 million people living in South Korea, Christians make up 29% of the population. A growing number of these Christians see modern Israel as biblically significant. “I am truly honored to be invited to this historical event and see first-hand a miracle of God that is transforming the hearts of Christians in Korea to advocate for the State of Israel and its people,” Nekrutman commented.
After seeing Rabbi Shlomo Riskin at the Glenn Beck “Restoring Courage” events in Israel last month and upon receiving the warm recommendation of Reverend Steven Khoury, Pastors Joseph and Christine Koo invited David Nekrutman to the event in Seoul. ““Listening to the wonderful work CJCUC is doing with the Christian Arab world in Israel from a leading Evangelical Palestinian, we felt it necessary to invite CJCUC to share in our event in Seoul,” Koo said.
FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact CJCUC’s media division at 516-882-3220.
Korean Christian Leaders Declaring the Peace of Jerusalem
Korean Christian Leaders Declaring the Peace of Jerusalem


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