CJCUC Will Host Its First International Conference

Ohr Torah Stone’s The Center for Jewish Christian Understanding and Cooperation in Efrat, Israel is pleased to announce that its theological division, the Institute for Theological Inquiry, and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute will jointly sponsor an International Theology Conference on February 13-14, 2011 at the Van Leer Institute.
The conference celebrates the completion of the groundbreaking research of ITI’s Jewish and Christian scholars on the topics of “Covenant, Mission and Conversion” and “Hope and Responsibility for the Human Future.”
“This new material in constructive theology is critical to Jews, Christians and Western culture,” stated Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn, director of ITI. The original papers of ITI’s two year research project will be discussed by ITI scholars together with Van Leer Fellows and leading academic personalities in Jerusalem.
The conference is open to the public and full details of the conference can be found at the conference’s website.
Founded in 2008 by Efrat’s Chief Rabbi, Shlomo Riskin, The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation is the first Orthodox Jewish institution in the world dedicated to actively dialogue with Christians. Its emphasis is on covenant theology, the importance of the Land of Israel and the Bible as ways to deepen understanding and cooperative relationships between the Christian and Jewish communities.
FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact CJCUC Media Division at 516-882-3220.


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